Prospects of Nelson Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa meeting and forming a government of national unity are now high. The Daily News today revealed that bigwigs from MDC and Zanu Pf has met to discuss on the process.

The two political rivals have been standing pressure from citizens, support groups, civic organizations and the international community to come to the negotiating table.

Nelson Chamisa had since denied to participate in the POLAD platform citing that genuine dialogue would be between him and ED Mnangagwa only not with minor parties which participated in the 2018 harmonised elections.

One of Nelson Chamisa’s demands for a genuine dialogue was to have a neutral and mutually accepted convener. That is one of the points that the two parties met to discuss. Nelson Chamisa had suggested Cyril Rhamaposa the South African president.

It is widely believed that the political stalemate between the two rivals is the main cause of the economic instability in the country.

A Government of National Unity could be the only saviour to a dying economy and frustrated citizenry in the nation of Zimbabwe.