President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa promised that his contry was busy working on reforms to make sure foreigners with criticals skills needed in South Africa can get employed easily .

Ramaphosa made this remarks ealier this month. He said that reforms will protect foregn skilled work force including investors.

However, the new critical skills list show a reduced number of professions.

The following are the new critical skills needed in South Africa. They can be found at

Zimbabweans are free to apply for work visas if they have the following:

Critical Skills List SA
Occupations within the educational subjects

Agriculture, Agricultural Operations, and Related Sciences. …

Architecture and the Built Environment. …

Business, Economics, and Management Studies. …

Information Communication and Technology.
Engineering. …

Health Professionals and Related Clinical Sciences.

Life and Earth Sciences.

Anybody with skills around the areas listed above South Africa is looking for you.