Civil Service Apex Council has served government with a notice of incapacitation following the erosion of their salaries over the past year.

The development follows a series of incapacitation letters that have been to the government by various associations like the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association and the Zimbabwe Rural Teachers Union.

Earlier this month, Apex Council requested an urgent meeting with the National Joint Negotiating Council to discuss on salaries that were continuously losing value leading to their incapacitation.

Apex Council urged the government to match employers salaries to USD or inflation as their salaries have over the years been eroded from an average of UD$500 to US$40.

Chairperson Cecilia Alexander said civil servants are going to loan sharks to get money for transport therefore workers should not be victimized for failing to pitch up for work.

Alexander urged workers to desist from borrowing transport money or walking to work, adding that their notice of incapacitation is not a strike or stay away.

Apex Council added that it is “amazed government is allowing critical agencies to benchmark prices against the USD while salaries are not.