MDC demands a formal apology from ZRP for defamation over the 256 police helmet scandal

The MDC bigwigs have collectively called for a formal apology from the Zimbabwe Republic Police for defamation of the party image after the latter accused the MDC of stealing and storing police helmets at Robinson house which is next to harvest house.

It later emerged that the helmets had actually been bought by a security company housed at Robbinson house during an auction held by ABC Auctions.

The owner of the security company was reported to have been taken to the CID Law and Order department for questioning.

The MDC has called for a formal apology from the ZRP as it fears that it’s image has been defamed.

David Coltart has responded to the statepaper, the Herald, saying ” But we in the MDC are still waiting for an apology and retraction of the allegations leveled against the party by Mr Mangwana and others”