Watch: Zanu PF big wigs being chased away by supporters

More and more people are getting disgruntled by the Zanu PF government. A video has emerged online of a Zanu PF car with Zanu PF officials being chased away by a large mob.

A few days ago, a video also emerged where primary school pupils were stoning a billboard that had ED Mnangagwa on it.

Many people were saying since ED Mnangagwa has always been known for believing that the voice of the people is the Voice of God, why is he not heeding to the Voice of God because the people of Zimbabwe are not happy with his government and his leadership.

In the video, scores of people are heard shouting and saying all sorts of unprintable words against the officials. People were shouting “mbavha” which means “Thieves”. The Zanu PF government is accused of destroying people’s lives and gross incompetence and corruption.

Watch the video