The Zanu PF led government has re-engaged Fossil Agro a few days after Sunday Mail reported that the company was corrupt and had defrauded the City of Harare of US 1.7 million in a botched road deal.

Reports show that Council, upon being asked for progress reports presented a fraudulent record to the City’s Procurement Unit claiming that Fossil had rehabilitated Kelvin South Road in Graniteside when in actual fact, works had not begun.

Amongst the accounts that were reportedly frozen due to money laundering allegations close sources reported that three of those accounts including Fossil Agro belong to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ally and advisor Kuda Tagwirei.

According to the 14 October 2019 Herald report, Fossil Agro received a lucrative contract from the Central Government whilst Harare City was being blasted.

Earlier reports shows that government has also re-engaged Tagwirei’s Sakunda Holdings in this year’s Command Agriculture scheme despite the untraceable billions that were invested towards the project though this company.

Mnangagwa continues to face criticisms owing to his failure to implement justice against cartels and monopolies as he had announced during his State of the Nation Address (SONA).