Kutizira is a new skit produced by Blessing Chiwoto Films.The skit shows an ancient way of marriage known as Kutizira which usually takes place when a bride gets pregnant out of wedlock

Kutizira skit features the best Zimbabwean comedians who include Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss , Prosper Ngomashi aka Comic Pastor, Gamu ,Nigel Twabam and Ngoni Munetsiwa.

The visuals gives a message on deceit , lies , promises , money , marriage and responsibility.This portrays true life stories which we come across everyday in our society.

Tete played by Madam Boss , is character that loves money and finer things in life.She is very happy when she finds out that her niece is impregnanted by a guy from nice surburbs.

Gamu , the niece is deceived after seeing her boyfriend Nigel changing cars every other visit , she sees luxurious future life with him.

Nigel , shows off a good lifestyle which does not even belong to him or his parents to steal a girl’s heart.He even lies about his own mother.

Mhofu , Nigel’s uncle seems to be the only bigger person as he tries to solve the matter.He advices their visitors to go to Nigel’s mother and even gives them money for transport.

Nigel’s father is sick and tired of his son’s behaviour , who he says has another wife he left in the village.He shows his disappointment by beating him up in front of guests and leaving the room before the talks end.