The futile attempt to defame the image of the MDC party and Nelson Chamisa it’s president has been laid bare after new revelations concerning the helmets found at Robbinson house has been revealed.

ZRP is reported to have sold the helmets to an owner of a security company housed at Robbinson house. The sale was made through the auctioneer ABC auctions.

The helmets where kept at the basement of the house for reuse. The ZRP then used this opportunity to defame MDC by accusing the party of stealing the helmets and keeping at a next door basement.

Upon receipt of these revelations, the government nor the ZRP has made a response to this.

Commenting on this, Nelson Chamisa only had to say that the propaganda by the state machinery is extremely sickening.

Below is the full statement by MDC

Police siege MDC HQ in a desperate bid to taint the people’s movement

Armed police have laid siege at the MDC headquarters starting early this morning in what is clearly a choreographed attempt to clamp-down on the peaceful people’s movement.

First was a story in the Zanu PF-controlled media in which the police said they had discovered anti-riot and municipal helmets at Robinson House in Harare which they are surprisingly trying to link to the party headquarters.

For the record, the MDC is a peaceful and non-violent political movement with a Constitution that clearly stipulates the peaceful manner in which the party will always prosecute its democratic struggle.

A few months ago, the police purported to have discovered catapults and stones again near the MDC headquarters. Today’s attempt is the second attempt in the past few months to link the people’s peaceful movement with a primitive, barbaric and Stone Age political script that involves stones, bricks and catapults.

The illegitimate regime is getting desperate and all these are frantic attempts to ban and proscribe legitimate political activity; just as they have done with peaceful demonstrations. For the record, we are a peaceful, law-abiding political party that poses no danger to human life. Available evidence points to the fact that in the past 12 months, it is the Mnangagwa regime that has killed people, both in August 2018 and in January 2019 and the perpetrators have not been brought to book.

It is this regime that poses a threat to the safety of citizens and any attempt to implicate the MDC will not wash. Zimbabweans know that it is Zanu PF that is violent and it is Zanu PF that has a blood-soaked history.

Instead of clamping down on prices, a deteriorating economy, unemployment and power and fuel shortages, the ED regime has thought it prudent to clamp down on a legitimate political party going about its business.

MDC@20: Celebrating courage, growth and the people’s victories.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson