Zimbabwean men dying to have Zodwa Wabantu back in Zimbabwe.

The South African Socialite , entertainer and dancer was banned from performing in 2017 by Zimbabwe tourism authority . Her show was canceled when some authorities complained that she is performing with her nude body. Zimbabwean men are reportedly spending sleepless nights thinking how the ban can be lifted.

Our sources claimed that they are planning to approach ED Mnangagwa’s administration . They want to negotiate for her so that she can be allowed to perform in Zimbabwe.

Our sources informed us that senior men in the government across political divide are in agreement that the banning of Zodwa was unlawful hence they need to reverse the ban and have the artist allowed back into the country.

On her videos thirsty and uncouth men lurk around her as if they are born to be around her. She does not care exposing her body on stage in all her events . Men get wild when they watch her on stage.

In South Africa Zodwa is allowed to perform everywhere without any challenges. She is is of the greatest artists in Mzansi.