Lorraine Guyo Productions , Not My Son actress Saymore Kayenda has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education at Bindura University

She appears in the Not My Son series as Mai Victor , who is Lorraine’s boyfriend.Mai Victor is a religious woman who believes in education and knows what she wants for her son.

She is definately practising what she preaches in drama into her life.Lorraine Guyo posted a lengthy post congratulating her for leading by example.

Lo went on praising Mai Victor for being an amazing soul , intelligent and free spirited .From this you can easily identify that the two have a good working relationship.

Chihera Lo also gave free advice to her followers that reads,

“Education is the passport to the future , for tommorow belongs to those who prepare for it”.

There you have it folks , make hay while the sun shines.This is proof that even acting need a bit of schooling.Education is the key to success though you still need to unlock it.