ED Mnangagwa to achieve a $ 12 billion mining industry by the time he face Chamisa in 2023

President ED Mnangagwa has launched a strategic roadmap to achieve a $12 billion dollar mining industry by 2023.

The target year 2023 is the same year for the harmonised Presidential elections which ED Mnangagwa is set to face Nelson Chamisa in another fresh poll.

However, this is not the first time ED Mnangagwa has sang about his mega deals and prospects.  Since his swearing in to the presidency, ED Mnangagwa has anounced countless numbers of mega deals with no physical results showing.

ED Mnangagwa is resolute that he will be still be the President of Zimbabwe as he has made remarks like “2030 ndendichipo” which suggest that he will be available even in 2030.

The 2023 $ 12 billion mining industry vision is part of the vision 2030 goal.