• Look at what’s happening here in Zimbabwe, stock theft you get 9years imprisonment and if one is killed here in Zimbabwe no one is arrested – all these are rituals.

Go around hospitals in Kwekwe and Kadoma you’ll find people lying down in hospitals having their arms and limbs cut off by other Zimbabweans yet you don’t find a statement with the police and the culprits are never arrested.

*[This is the information that the authorities don’t want to be known]* .

At one mine here in Zimbabwe 13 guys were thrown into a shaft that’s 70metres deep one by one as sacks with eyewitnesses and yet no one is arrested until now. *[Why has it become so easy for you Zimbabweans to shed blood? Why has human blood become so cheap in Zimbabwe? ]*

• Ancestors are demanding blood. Why are you failing to stop such a thing? Even when a lion kills livestock it is shot down and killed how about people killing others? God will not intervene and help you against another man’s hand if your own hand is against you. Those outsiders will look at you and how much you put value on life. If your life is not important to you why should your life be important to them? What is this thing that seems to be established and more feared than the government and the police? Do you want to become like South Africa?

• Bloodshed brings poverty that can never end in a nation. It doesn’t require a loan or a grant to deal with criminals. Remove criminals from our roads. If this is not stopped you’ll not be able to control it tomorrow. Let’s not have deliberate crimes in this nation.

• *God is saying you haven’t done things that you yourselves can do with your own hands* . YOU make people think that so those in prison what exactly have they done. In Mutare now they know from certain times close and lock doors because they’re now coming and breaking into houses…