Zimeye editor, Simba Chikanza fears that he has been poisoned by a ZANU PF Minister ‘s bodyguards.

Writing on his Facebook wall, Simba Chikanza said:

Woke up feeling heavy pain in my eyes, very heavy. Now I am not settling for fears of poisoning etc. But I am not ignorant of their devices. Even with a handshake, they rub powder, the same they used on Constantino Chiwenga. After meeting Mudenda, yesterday morning, some of his aides came to shake my hands afterwards.

I have their files on this act of poisoning people I am to offload soon.

Notwithstanding these criminals do not know I am an immortal creature. I didn’t choose to be born, Akandisika ndiye chete anonditora-zvavharana. Touch me at your own peril, you will be first to go. Stop killing citizens and destroying your own country, you’ve already started this by announcing a fake discovery of police helmets in Harare. You’re only undoing yourselves in the process. No mausoleum can save you from hell fire!