Madam Boss Dancing in Pool

Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss is trending on social media after posting pictures and videos of herself at Dr Fungai Mtisi’s birthday.

In the other pictures she wore very short shorts and a crop top.This did not go well with her fans who thought it was indecents for a married woman to dress that way.

Some even went to the extend of degrading the husband , Ngoni Munetsiwa.They said he is not doing anything to stop his wife from disrespecting him in public with such dressing.

Tyra replied the haters by posting a picture in a crazy pose with her husband thanking him for being a great manager , wardrobe stylist , script writer and her protector.


The post was meant to shut the haters on such a topic but they went on to attack her saying she bleaches and her poor background in Ngundu was brought into the picture.

Madam Boss might be enjoying the attention as she is posting fun pictures with fun captions every other minute.She even half announced about the new deal her husband signed.