8 Pictures that made us fall in love with Thom-rraine

After Lorraine Guyo’s scandals , she attracted a number of brands such as Jan Jam and The Lumumba Files. Little did we know that she had attracted Dzedzy Adzimin Tsom , as he is called by his tens of thousands of female followers.

We saw Lorraine posting him and praising him for his hardwork and commitment towards her career.

On the other hand , we saw Thomas Chizhanje posting her and marketing her brand in his group , Thomas Chizhanje and Friends where he has a huge following.

They really appreciated each other and their relationship was goals.Many people on the internet fancied their way of doing things from working and showering each other with praises

Lorraine , even confessed that if you continue looking at Thomas you can leave your boyfriend because of his handsomeness.

When they first posted their picture together , internet went crazy commenting on the lookalikes.

Although things did not work well between Tsom-rraine , they are still the baddest Bonnie ‘n’ Claude of relationship goals for 2019