Gideon Gono to be Vice President in General Chiwenga Coup – Spotlight Zimbabwe

As China Backs Zimbabwe Coup

Spotlight Zimbabwe has reported this morning that Coup plans by General Chiwenga, working with China, are at an advanced stage.

The report, written by Spotlight Zimbabwe editor, Itai Mushekwe based on Germany and Mary-Kate-Kahari based in Cape Town.

China and India have reportedly joined General Chiwenga ‘side, Angered by ED Mnangagwa’ s preferance for the G7 countries.

General Chiwenga would initially take over, with Gideon Gono and Savior Kasukuwere as vice Presidents.

Savior Kasukuwere is reportedly General Chiwenga ‘s preferred successor. He was also annointed by Mugabe.

Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that The ZHOCD was sent by Mnangagwa as a plan to counter these Coup plans by forming an NTA and assuring ED Mnangagwa’ s position for 7 years.