When God is making judgement He sometimes uses winds and these are the winds I use as a prophet when I am raising a judgement.

Firstly, when doing prophetic judgement the East wind is for prophetic deliverance and judgement. When He involves this wind, someone will be in trouble and will be out of trouble because of this particular wind.

Scripture Reference: Exodus 10:12

Moses stretched his hand from the east side and declared. Pharaoh was refusing to do the command of God and the only way for Pharaoh to know it is God commanding him, God sent locusts brought by the east wind.

The East wind can bring your enemies to come and apologize. There are some companies, wicked leaders who are keeping things from you, hindering opportunities from you but when God brings an East wind, those who wronged you will come and apologize. Pharaoh never apologized until the East winds blew, until judgement was raised by the East winds!”

Secondly, when the East wind is involved, it brings famine. There can be drought. Even science acknowledges what wind can do in a country. This East wind, at times, you can’t even feel it or know it is coming your way but when God uses it, know that destruction is coming.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 41:6

Whenever you are praying, know that Christianity is a lifestyle, it is not tradition of man. You must be like Jesus. You will be opposed because Jesus was opposed too. You must live like you know you are the light of the world. Light and darkness will never dwell in the same place. Let the world know you are the light but how do you show the world, by not hiding your identity.

You are the light of the world and without you the whole world would be in darkness. The biggest problem you have is that you are not making judgement against your problems. Evil will not stop in your family until you say enough is enough and raise a judgement. If you are tired of poverty. You will pray like you are tired of it.

When Hannah was tired of her problems, even her prayers changed. People thought she was drunk, but she knew that she was tired and the time for a solution had come!

“Thirdly, the East wind creates a way and also blocks it. When God brings the East wind just know someone will be blocked so a way can be made for you.

When the Israelites where taken out from the hands of Egyptians, when they thought they had met a dead end, God opened the Red Sea and after they had passed, God closed it!”