Former MDC Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora is considering joining the Emmerson Mnangagwa led government as a strategy towards “a new approach to Zim politics”, a close source has revealed.

In his latest tweet, Mwonzora said “A review of Zimbabwean politics over the last few weeks lead us to one conclusion: We need a new approach to our politics. We need to jettison the politics of hate, toxicity and acrimony, replacing it with politics of tolerance and rational disputation”, he said.

His remarks comes after his fall-out with the opposition party MDC leader, President Nelson Chamisa in which he revealed that the party’s internal election processes were fraught with corruption, coupled with his increasing ties with Zanu PF cadres.

His followers did not hesitate to publicly encourage him to take a new political path by joining the Mnangagwa led government.

However, he is being criticised by MDC supporters for his remarks and ties with the ruling party.

Recent reports show his continued involvement with the ruling party especially after he traveled with Zanu Pf MPs for the re-engagement meetings in Sweden in which he faced a displinary action after.