Former ZANU-PF Political Commissar and G40 faction member, Saviour Kasukuwere has suddenly been thrust into the 2023 Zimbabwe Presidential race after Robert Mugabe reportedly annointed him as his successor on his deathbed.

Now Meet his beautiful family:

Wife – Barbara Kasukuwere

The Beautiful Barbara Kasukuwere is always by her man’s side and will make a very presentable first lady.

Takudzwa Munashe Kasukuwere (born on 12th December, 1994)

Educated in the UK , Takudzwa is Kasukuwere’s first born son and according to his linkedin profile, he is a the founder of a company called Push Athletics.

Natasha Lucian Nyasha Kasukuwere (born on 10th Feb 1995)

Nyasha is a qualified lawyer who is making her father proud by practicing law in Zimbabwe! She is just as beautiful as her mother.

Christian Tatenda Kasukuwere (bom on 13th October, 2000)

The youngest Kasukuwere is very private and nothing much is known about him. He is likely to be still in High School and will be attending one of the top universities in Europe in the next two years.