Close sources have revealed that former president Robert Mugabe’ s final resting place is the heroes acre despite the former dictator’ s burial that took place in Zvimba few weeks ago.

Sources revealed that the burial at the national heroes acre will be in line with the wishes of the former ZANU PF leader.

The former leader was temporarily laid to rest in Zvimba until ED Mnangagwa is kicked out of office by the military .

When a new government comes to power it is alleged that the family will negotiate with the government of the day to exhume Robert Mugabe’ s remains and rebury him at the national shrine.

Robert Mugabe left a message to his family before he died that his wife must always be around his body to avoid enemies such as ED Mnangagwa having access to his body parts and use them for power rituals.

Sources claim that Robert Mugabe made a deal with the family to temporarily bury him in Zvimba to avoid ED Mnangagwa “pontificating” on his burial as Patric Zhuwawo nephew of Robert Mugabe puts it.

There were many contradictions between the government and the family over the burial of Robert Mugabe last month. Robert Mugabe was finally given a private burial at his home last month.