Yesterday, MDC Leader Nelson Chamisa was invited to a local Church to preach. The Charismatic leader also gave a chance to his wife to speak. He even laid his hands on people to pray for them.

This is against what the controversial Apostle Chiwenga said. He said Nelson Chamisa does not know God and he should never hold a microphone to preach because he is evil. He went on to explain that politicians cannot do the things of God because their hands are dirty, they are liers, thieves and murderers therefore do not qualify to even mention God!

He also explained that Nelson Chamisa is not a Pastor because where he was trained is not a Church, they all don’t know God, therefore shoul never teach about God.

The man of God said if Nelson Chamisa is to preach or lead the country, he needs to come for cleansing at Apostle Chiwenga’s Church only. This is because Apostle Chiwenga is the only messenger of God who can speak on behalf of God and he is the only one clean enough to deliver Nelson Chamisa.

Seeing Nelson Chamisa preaching and praying for people shows he clearly disregarded a direct instruction from the only man of God in the whole world.

It is going to be interesting to hear what the Holy Man of God is going to say in response to Nelson Chamisa’s actions as he will be doing his blasting and bashing sermons at Pagomba outreach.