Founder of Jesus Generation Church, Prophet Edd Branson is a mysterious man.

Here are the things you need to know about him.

1)He is married to his Finish wife,Prophetess Maria Halme Branson and are blessed with a son.

2)He was born on 18 July 1988 and grew up in Warren Park

3)He is known as the Specialist for operating in the office of a prophet with accuracy, speed and dominion.

4)The Prophet is the 15th person in the world to be given the title of being Ambassador for WHAF (World Habitat Ambassador Forum).This places him in the Hall Of Fame

5) In 2018, he received an honorary doctorate In Dubai for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Leadership from The Global Academy Of social sciences of India.

6)Prophet Branson was listed in the Most Influential Top 40 Under 40 Zimbabweans list in 2017

7)Edd Branson is the Director and Commissioner African Cultural Diversity and Entrepreneurship for the Global Diplomatic Council and the International Commission for Diplomacy in Netherlands

8)Edd Branson was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarian and Philanthropic Leadership by the Global Academy for Psychological Sciences in Dubai in April 2019. This was in recognition of his contribution to promoting love, peace and tolerance and serving humanity in Africa and the world through the Edd Branson Foundation.

9)ln July 2019,Edd Branson received the International CEOs International Individual Award in Brussels at the 9th International CEOs Summit and Awards.

10)In 2019, he was a special Guest and recipient of the 2019 African Achievers Awards 2019 Excellence in Leadership and Human Capital Development Award, in the UK House of Parliament.

11)He is also the 2019 Peace Ambassador of the year for the Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka in recognition of his contribution for world peace, love and tolerance and was honored on thw 5th of October 2019, in Sri Lanka.

12)Edd Branson is the 2019 Peace Achievers Awards recipient for Global Excellence In Leadership, lnternational lntegration and Sustainability on 21st September 2019, in Abuja, Nigeria in recognition of his philanthropy work

13)He gave prophecies of the new dispensation and ouster of Jacob Zuma and it came to pass