Gambakwe Media Sources have revealed that General Chiwenga resigned and had to be fetched back by helicopter from his homestead by ED Mnangagwa in Wedza in 2018.

This comes after fresh revelations of an escalating fued between ED Mnangagwa and General Chiwenga over Kuda Tagwirei.

Coincidentally, the first resignation of General Chiwenga was over General Kuda Tagwirei.

ED Mnangagwa has been plotting the downfall of General Chiwenga for a long time. But now he feels that General Chiwenga ‘s Faction is sufficiently weakened and he can make his move.

Our sources reveal that Tagwirei was the main man behind the rapid rise of Grace Mugabe.

Tagwirei started command Agriculture under Grace stewardship but upon realising the sinking Titanic,Kuda shifted allegiance to lacoste faction which hijacked the command Agriculture program and placed it under the army.

That is when chiwenga and Tagwirei cemented already existing ties.Kuda financed the coup and ZANU PF campaigns.

Mnangagwa became increasingly uncomfortable with Tagwirei ‘s influence and used Acie Lumumba to name and shame Tagwirei, naming his as Queen B.

Chiwenga resigned and spent a week in Wedza only for ED to beg him and had to bring him in a chopper.Kuda was there in Wedza…Kuda promised to reform and Chiwenga forced ED to have Kuda in his advisory board not as an advisor but to keep an eye on ED.

Now,with Chiwenga ill,ED has moved to decimate the power base by diluting the military factor retiring senior army officials and now going for Kuda head on.