The women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) has been castigated for raising their heads when opposition politicians are believed to be offside on women’s rights; exclusively silent on Zanu- Pf members.

This comes after the Women’s Coalition wrote a statement calling for National apology from MDC President Nelson Chamisa for allegedly heckling his wife at the party’s Anniversary on 28th of September.

People in the party, particularly women asked, ” why Women’s Coalition kept quite when Gonyeti was abducted and forced to drink sewage and why Women’s Coalition kept quite when MDC Youth Assembly Midlands chairperson Sekai Marashe was beaten by Alshabab in Kwekwe.”

Yesterday, the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe issued the following statement.

“Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) a non partisan national network of women’s rights organizations and activist call upon the President of MDC Alliance Mr Nelson Chamisa to make a public national apology for heckling Mrs Sithokozile Chamisa, on the 28th of September 2019 during the party’s 20th Anniversary celebrations held in Harare.

“The disrespect by Mr Chamisa is in violation of the Constitution of Zimbabwe section 52, 56,17 and 80 amongst other provisions on women’s rights and gender equality.

“His actions are a gross disrespect for both the supreme law of the land and women who constitute more than 52% of the population of Zimbabwe thereby perpetuating and reinforcing patriarchy.

“As the women of Zimbabwe, we can only interpret this behaviour to be an act of discrimination on the grounds of gender. This case thus represents thousands of Women, globally on the frontlines of gender serotype struggle.

“Hence, we ask the following fundamental questions. If influential, highly esteemed men can subject women to such gender stereotypes, while the world is watching, what more behind closed doors? If men who are considered to be role models, with higher appreciation of women’s rights, can publicly violet such rights, what message does this send out to the general populace and citizens who look up to them, for leadership and inspiration, what will it take foe women and men to be equal, and can we really get there when women are silenced in every sphere of their lives?”

“Thus, we reiterate that the time has now come for the Zimbabwean society to uphold the Constitution, defeat and destroy gender stereotypes which dictate what is appropriate and what is not for women to do.

“We therefore call upon:
1. Mr Chamisa to issue a Public Apology and respect women in His speech and action for both private and public spaces.
2. Political party leaders to ensure the conduct of their leaders and members in all platforms is not in violation of women’s rights and in compliance with the Constitution of Zimbabwe.
3. The General populace of Zimbabwe to hold political leaders and anyone whose behaviour in conduct and speech will disrespect women of Zimbabwe and the Constitution.”