Professor Jonathan Moyo the self exiled former minister of information and publicity has dumped the G40.

The bitter professor and former minister sent a short bitter message on tweeter in Shona saying ” pasi neZANU PF” Translated to English it simple means down with ZANU PF . It is a slogan that ZANU PF itself uses against other political parties and their leaders.

Jonathan made this massage at a time when G40 members such as Saviour Kasukuwere are trying to regain control of ZANU PF.

Last year professor Jonathan Moyo accused Grace Mugabe for being insensitive and untruthful when she praised ED Mnangagwa for hiring her a private jet.

He also described Gambakwe as crap for revealing that Mugabe should have anointed someone according to the rituals.

The bitter Jonathan Moyo seems fed up with both ZANU PF and G40.