Chaos at Mugabe funeral as dozens get injured

Chaotic scenes at Rufaro Stadium as mourners jostled to view the body of the Late Robert Mugabe. Hundreds of people are gathered at Rufaro Stadium to pay their last respect to the late Icon of Liberation, Robert Mugabe.

The people were trying their best to get a glimpse of his body. The police tried to stop them and the people broke the barriers. There was chaos as Grace Mugabe and her children kept on sitting in the VIP tents and watching.

The minister of Home Affairs was also watching as his men were overpowered by the crowd. Rufaro Stadium was full to capacity as Zimbabweans from all walks of life came to witness the funeral of the long time leader, Robert Mugabe.

Dozens are reported to have been injured during the fiasco that lasted almost 20 minutes. Order was restored after riot police intervened.