ZANU PF Aligned Journalist Reports MDC For Harrasment At Glenview Rally

A Harare Journalist and Media owner who goes by the name Ari Goldstein has reported the MDC to the police after alleging that he was harassed by MDC security.

Writing on his twitter account, Ari said:

Reported the matter at Glen View Police Station. Case Number RRB4076412 . Im not a zanu pf journalist nor mdc one. Im a zimbabwean . @HMAMelanieR @usembassyharare @misazimbabwe @Zimmorningpost1 @zenzele @TrevorNcube i will keep on my narration tht Chamisa does not Understand the problem facing this nation. And he has a wrong  solution.

Ari Goldstein Brags to MDC Security

He also posted a video in which he was telling MDC security that he has 14 journalists who work for him who he pays in USD.