Born Tyra Chikocho on 10 April 1985 in Harare.
Populary known as Madam Boss.

She is a beauty therapist by profession.
She is married to Ngonidzashe Munetswa,and has one daughter Mikayla.

She grew up in Madziva and also stayed in the rural areas of Masvingo as a toddler. She was raised by her mother there up until she was in grade 6, who later passed on and left her an orphan.

She became head of family at a tender age of 10.
Since then she stopped going to school.and started hustling for herself and siblings. She worked at a nearby farm.
She later moved to Harare where repeated grade 6,she was put in special class since there were no slots at the school.

Attended high school at Budiriro high.
Once worked at a motel in Masvingo, border jumped to SA where she worked as a Maid. Worked at an internet cafe for one Nigerian guy.
She was a Maid both in SA and Zimbabwe before becoming who she is today.

She was inspired by various people she worked for hence the birth of her comedy character.
She is a Zimbabwean comedian. A former gospel singer, released her debut album Sunungura,has once shared the stage with Shingisai Suluma and Kudzi Nyakudya.

Has the limelight as a stand up commedian.
As a comedian she has done commercials for Ok Zimbabwe and Ring driving school amongst others.

She has travelled around the globe and has rubbed shoulders with great musicians on stage such as Jah Prayza, Oliver Mtukudzi .