Lorraine Guyo disses Thomas Chizhanje

The popular socialite girl who gained fame by asking guys to propose to her got more than she bargained for. Ndinyengeiwo before Valentines got 7000 request from men who were keen to take her out some even offering marriage and lot of perks. Things did not go as planned as she and her now former manager Thomas Chizhanje had quits and they ended up fighting online.

The issue that then later came to light was that Thomas Chizhanje broke her virginity and duped her of $3000 forcing Lorraine to end the relationship. The later has since posted a picture in Durban on a beach in what seems like a diss to the former lover. The tweeps where not so kind on her as some accused her of being immature and couldn’t differentiate con artist and people who wanted to see her success

It still remains unclear whether the two are going to be back together. However the other socialite in the industry Mai TT also lambasted Thomas Chizhanje for using the innocent girl.