Sunday Combined Service
18 August 2019
Prophet E. Makandiwa

“We must leave this place tired because we’ve all come to this place to worship and to praise him. We are here to pray and not only to receive prophecies”‘ the man of God said whilst ministering at the Chitungwiza Basilica on Sunday.

•He taught on the importance of cultivating a spirit of intercession. He said it’s only in that kind of environment that the prophet will be able to prophesy and minister because he is not there to waste prophecies,its only prayer that qualifies you for the prophetic.

If one is praying it’s easy for the prophet to access his or her file . The Prophet said for him to talk to a person that person should talk to God.

“If you don’t talk to God, God will not talk to the prophet about you and the prophet will not talk to you”,he emphasised.

The man of God explained how God communicates through Prophets,visions and dreams.

God uses his prophet to demonstrate or show his feelings towards us and one has to be spiritually smart to understand him.

God can appear to you in the form of your own man of God and communicate with you.

When Peter was in prison and was delivered by an angel of God and went back to other believers, during those days the people had a doctrine that Angels can appear to then in the form of their man of God, hence when Peter appeared the people who were inside the house believed that it was his angel and not Peter.

•He explained how the devil can mess you up if you’re not mature, or smart enough in the spirit,he can use your man of God in your dreams and make you believe that it is your Man of God who is fighting you, for example the devil can use the face of your Man of God and make you see him chasing you with a knife .

When you’ve enough of the word of God in you, clean in the spirit and everything is clean you can have clearer dreams.

God uses familiar voices and familiar faces to talk to you. He said one should make it a point to make God happy,always look at your own work as a calling from God.

That profession that God gave to you is a calling. Every time you go to work you’re fulfilling God’s purpose over your life.

Always understand the keys (conditions) of the prophetic. If not understood, the rest of the prophecy can be rendered useless. When a prophecy is being dished out, pay attention to the conditions that come with the prophecies.

Many people don’t know that when they ask the prophet to say everything the prophet will end up seeing everything about them.

Always value the voice of GOD.

Prophetic Declarations

•You’ve been sitting in one place financially but you’re going to rise and never sit down again. God is lifting and raising people financially.

•No matter the qualifications that you heap upon yourself, unless your spirit is qualified you’ll not go anywhere.

•Anyone of you who is here, if any of your children in your family was earmarked for death, it’ll not happen. Instead of shame, humiliation and crying, prepare yourself for a greater elevation.

•When you face serious competition in your area of calling, it doesn’t mean there’s no grace for you in that area. Money cannot interpret the will of God over your life.

The moment you leave an area or walk out of a door there’ll be grace that you’ll be leaving in that area and money will begin to circulate in an area you’ve just left.

God is giving you power to triumph in your area of calling, you shall be known, you shall be a champion in your area.

•When the prophet comes to you, give him a chance to talk to you. You’ll not only be delivered but you’ll also know the source or who’s responsible for the problems you’re going through.

•When we talk about abuse, there are people who are being abused right here right now. Demons can abuse people. You can tell that the life you’re leading is not what God designed for you. You’re being abused by demons. Pray against any kind of abuse.

•I’m going to make a prayer that will bring results in your life in the next 6 days. Not after 6 days but within 6 days. [PEM]. The prophet has said it. God told me this: Ukawanza tsitsi unourairwa vana (if you’re too kind the devil will kill all of your children)

•God is giving careers to your children today. None of them will sit home because they don’t have a job. If God has ever given you a vision and demons are playing around with that vision, let that vision be recovered right now!

Written by Tatenda Chigugudhlo

[email protected]