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Measles outbreak kills more than 20 children in Manicaland

Zimbabwe has been hit by a deadly measles outbreak which has killed more than 20 children from 137 cases reported in Mutasa District, Manicaland. The...

Lesotho Goes Back to Hard Lockdown at Midnight.

The Kingdom of Lesotho has reverted to a hard lockdown starting Sunday midnight after the country registered 6 deaths, 359 active cases and at...

South African Truck drivers protest against the employment of foreign drivers.

South African truck drivers heeded a nationwide call to stop trucks from operating, in protest against the employment of foreign drivers. The truck drivers...

Watch : Acie Lumumba Speaks On The New Currency Introduction on...

In this interview, Acie Lumumba speaks on the announcement by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe about introducing new notes and coins into the economy. Acie...


Meet Paul Kagame ‘s Four Beautiful Children

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, grew up in exile in Uganda, where his parents took him as a young childĀ  to escape the...
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