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Ginimbi’s girlfriend Mihlali Ndamase shows off her birthday gifts

Late Ginimbi's girlfriend Mihlali Ndamase took to social media sharing how grateful she was for her friends who surprised her with the birthday dinner. Ndamase...

Ginimbi’s girlfriend Mihlali Ndamase bags a South Africa Social Media Award

Social media personality Mihlali Ndamase has taken to her social media to celebrate her biggest win as she bags ‘Social Media Personality Of The...

Ginimbi’s girlfriend Mihlali attends PiChani in Zim for the first time

Ginimbi's girlfriend Mihlali Ndamase attended the Pichani held in Bulawayo in October. Mihlali Ndamase jetted in the same day of the event and shared her...

Mihlali Accused of Sleeping with Ginimbi

South African YouTube personality, make-up artist and social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has been accused of sleeping with the late Zimbabwean businessman Ginimbi. This came...


Malaika Mahlatsi Relocates To His Zimbabwean Husband Honest Rwodzi In Germany.

South African Malaika Mahlatsi has relocated to Germany to stay with her Zimbabwean husband Honest Rwodzi. She said she will miss her home country but...
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