South African YouTube personality, make-up artist and social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has been accused of sleeping with the late Zimbabwean businessman Ginimbi.

This came after the influencer posted a post on social media saying women should cheat because men don’t deserve their loyalty.

However in response, fans started accusing Mihlali of sleeping with the late Genius Kadungure saying she is moaning for him.

Below are some of the comments:

“Mihlali misses Ginimbi. We mourn differently. He probably would have bought her something cool this December. Imagine sinyelwa yinto ene liver yoku*****na noGinimbi.”

“Mihlali and Ginimbi dated”

“Why is Mihlali trending again. Did she find another Ginimbi to bless her”

Ginimbi died last year in a horrific car Accident that claimed the lives of other three people including Moana.