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Mary Mubaiwa Seeks Refusal of Remand

The ex-wife of Vice President Constantine Chiwenga, Mary Mubaiwa, today applied for refusal for further remand arguing that it is now 15 months of...

Marry Chiwenga’s Father Raise Eyebrows With His Eccentric Dressing

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga father in law Kenny Mubaiwa has one eccentric character when it comes to dressing. Kenny Mubaiwa is not that person who...

Untold Truth About Mary Mubaiwa

Mary Chiwenga is an ex model and former patron and chair trust of the miss Zimbabwe trust. She retired from the position in February...

Businessman Frank Buyanga Dragged Into The Chiwengas Messy Divorce

South African based Businessman, Frank Buyanga has been dragged into the Zimbabwean Vice President Chiwenga and jailed wife Mary's divorce. A report in the Zimbabwe...

EXCLUSIVE : Mary Chiwenga ‘s FATHER, Kenny Mubaiwa, faces arrest

Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that Kenny Mubaiwa, father of Mary Chiwenga, provided Mary with the poison she used on General Chiwenga. This information was...


Job Sikhala speaks about his link to General Chiwenga

WATCH as Job Sikhala speaks on his time in Zimbabwe’s prisons and his current and future plans. Sikhala spoke to Trevor Ncube on Monday,...
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