Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that Kenny Mubaiwa, father of Mary Chiwenga, provided Mary with the poison she used on General Chiwenga.

This information was made available to General Chiwenga and the arrest of Kenny Mubaiwa is imminent.

Mubaiwa reportedly started plotting the death of General Chiwenga a long time ago. He initially started off using African traditional methods to go after General Chiwenga but General Chiwenga was also into charms and this did not work.

Kenny Mubaiwa is reportedly a master at Herbs. He is reported to have been chased by his family at Seke after many mysterious misfortunes befell the family in Seke and had to move to Hwedza.

While at Hwedza, Mubaiwa arranged for Shingi to go and work in Cyprus. It was at this time that Mary met General Ciiwenga through his driver who knew him.

He then hatched the plan to poison General Chiwenga through his daughter.

The sources said Mnangagwa was not involved in the poisoning and General Chiwenga is going after Kenny Mubaiwa.