FED UP Zimbabwean YouTuber Molly-Moe says she can no longer live in China and is packing up her family and going back home.

Molly said she and her family are constantly reminded that they are foreigners and she does not want her child to grow up questioning his own worth.

Molly also revealed that China has recently changed their policy and now only South Africans can legally teach English as other countries are not considered native english speakers.

Moly said sone Chinese refuse to sit next to her in the bus and some even close their noses and make faces when they see her. Some take photos of her on the street as if she is a zoo animal.

Moly, who is building a house in Zimbabwe with her husband, said China only gives a one year work permit and every year this has to be renewed for one to work in China.

She mentioned that because of her race, she only earns one third of what a Westerner would earn in China. She revealed that her mental health has been destroyed, even though she is grateful of having a job.

Molly Moe said when her grandmother died, she could not be with her family in Zimbabwe to mourn and stayed in China instead of going home as she would have not been able to come back to China to work.

When she gave birth, Molly Moe said her husband only had one day family responsibility leave.

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