Harare West Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on environment, climate, wildlife, tourism, and hospitality industry, Joanna Mamombe, has voiced her opposition to the construction of a multi-purpose stadium in Victoria Falls.

This follows the approval by the Cabinet of the proposed construction of a stadium in Victoria Falls by the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality.

In an interview, Mamombe stated that the construction of a stadium in the proposed area poses a threat to wildlife and the environment.

“Victoria Falls is home to abundant wildlife, and we must avoid disrupting the ongoing conservation efforts, especially regarding habitat loss,” Mamombe stated.

She added, “We have been struggling with human-wildlife conflicts in Victoria Falls, where wildlife is invading human settlements due to climate change. Therefore, we wouldn’t want extensive infrastructural development that would disturb the natural habitat of the wildlife.”

Mamombe emphasized that she is not against progress but rather focused on ensuring the conservation of the environment.

“We do not oppose development, but if the proposal is to build a stadium near Victoria Falls, there are other areas in Matabeleland North that could be considered. Victoria Falls is not the ideal location for a multi-purpose stadium,” she said.

The proposed multi-purpose stadium is expected to have a capacity of 10,000 seats.

Mamombe is one of the Members of Parliament who have suggested alternative locations for the stadium to preserve the natural state of Victoria Falls.