Caroline Leo Mafunga, a lawyer at Makiseni Attorneys, has written a letter seeking protection and calling for the arrest of Tinamate Midzi, another lawyer, who is representing her husband’s mistress.

Mafunga stated that she is married to John Makiseni, the managing director at Makiseni Attorneys, where she currently works. She mentioned that her husband is involved in another relationship with a woman named Tadiwa Muzah and she has filed a lawsuit against Muzah for breaking up her marriage. 

The case is being handled by Midzi, who is representing Muzah.

Mafunga pleaded for help, stating that Tinamate Midzi had been threatening her husband. Midzi wanted her husband to support Muzah in court or risk losing his family. 

Mafunga also highlighted that the situation had become so dire that she had gone into hiding in a certain forest with her youngest child, leaving her other three kids under the care of the school.

She claimed that in 2023, Tinamate attempted to prove her mentally unstable, which resulted in her admission to a mental asylum for a few months where she was given an inappropriate overdose of medication.

She also stated that Tinamate and his associates pose a threat to her and her children and that he is using her husband to try to locate her hiding place. 

Due to the seriousness of the situation, Mafunga stated that she would not emerge from hiding until Tinamate is apprehended.