Watch LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the increasing factionalism in Zimbabwe and the increasing of visible security by Zimbabwe Vice President, General Constantino Chiwenga. Chiwenga was heckled by a Mnangagwa aligned crowd yesterday.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. Chiwenga is next in line and the next 4 years will be long and difficult for him.
2. Chiwenga did not travel with his wife to the Chaunoita burial.
3. 3. Under Mnangagwa the Heroes burial has been diluted. Tobias Chaunoita was the bodyguard of Muzenda and Tongogara. He was also head of security at the Harare International Airport.
4. Different groups were heckling each other at the Ezekiel Chaunoita burial.
5. Bodyguards of Heroes and junior struggle participants should be buried at provincial level.
6. Its clear that the criteria for heroes is misaligned with the long term objectives of the liberation struggle.
7. Neville Mutsvangwa kept in custody till Monday after additional charges were added.
8. Having a Starlink internet connection has never resulted in an arrest for anyone else.
9. Fuel dealers refuse to sell fuel in ZIG.
10. ZIG notes and coins currency are not available on the market. This includes higher denomination notes.
11. ZIMRA systems down and vehicle not being registered as the ZIMRA systems can not take ZIG.
12. All imported new cars in Zimbabwe are travelling without being registered.
13. various Whataspp groups in Bulawayo are sharing pictures of cheatimg men and women. The Chronicle has named the administrators of some of the groups as Pride Mpofu, Kiacy Chigudu, Past Johan.
14. Police to arrest the administrators of the group.


1. Chiwenga ‘security will become an area of focus in the near future as factionalism continues to tear ZANU-PF apart.
2. ZIG now a massive scam that will result in the end of the Mnangagwa government.
3. Mnangagwa has the wrong priorities, which is keeping power and has no interest in dialogue.
4. Chiwenga will give ZANU-PF a chance.
5. Mnangagwa has bred a toxic culture.