WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the apoclyptic situation in ZANU-PF as the two factions tear each other apart. Every day, the Mnangagwa and Chwienga factions.

Mnangagwa is getting ready to move on Chiwenga, with Kuda Mnangagwa now being appointed into ZANU-PF structures.

Kuda Mnangagwa is being groomed to take over from Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s next President. However, as this is likely to face resistance from Chiwenga, a plan will be made to remove Chiwenga as an obstacle.

There will soon be a decisive move by Mnangagwa or Chiwenga , with whoever makes the first move coming up on top.

Mohadi is playing a key role in neutralising Chiwenga’s influence.

Key events for today

Burial of Ezekiel Musiiwa Chaunoita. Mnangagwa back in the country to preside over the burial at the national heroes acre.

Key points.

1. Chiwenga to be attacked soon as Kusa Mnangagwa was appointed in ZANU PF.
2. Old guard in ZANU-PF being picked outone by one.
Chaunoita shocking homestead in Murehwa. Tents had to be brought in.
3. ZIG collapse. ZIG exchange rate now trading above 20.
4. Cotton transporters demonstrated at Cottco against being paid in ZIG.
5. Mutsvangwa stunned as his son, Neville Mutsvangwa was arrested over money laundering.
6. 5. Monica Mutsvangwa has been attempting to discuss with Mnangagwa. However, a police statement has now been issued and Neville will appear in court today.
7. Monica and Christopher Mutsvangwa already out of the country.
8. Announcement on Monica Mutsvangwa will be made soon.
9. Letter to Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner Matanga has been delivered physically. Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and OPZC do not have functional emails.
10. Rosie Makumbe (69) claims her son Aaron Chaka is her love child with the late musician, Oliver Mutukudzi
11. CBZ reports their annual statement in ZWL.
12. James Makamba to re-open Blue ridge Spar.
13. Trainee Soldiers visit the mbudzi interchange.
14. In South Africa, the owners of the collapsed building in George have been identified as Carel Swanepoel of Pacific Breeze Trading a subsidiary of Neo Trend Group and Theunis Kruger of Liatel Developments, while Mitchel and Associates served as structural and civil engineers.
15. Both companies have removed their websites and have vanished, police can not locate them.
16. Estate Agent, Liezel Van Der Walt, who was advertising the luxury apartments said she did not know where they have gone to.
17. Patrick Maseko and Martha Shawa among those awaiting for their trapped 44 relatives at the George building site.