WATCH as Gambakwe looks at the ongoing collapse of Mnangagwa’s government and the new strategy of professionalising the Zimbabwe military.

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1. Zimbabwe military adopts a new strategy that looks beyond Mnangagwa
2. The approach is based on agenda 2063.
3. The new approach was first revealed during the recent visit by officer of the Zimbabwe Staff college at Great Zimbabwe University.
4. Adelaide Chikunguru will be address a Ted Borrowdale on Friday.
5. Fadzai Mahere is trending more than the structure currency.
6. Godfrey Kanyenze calls for dialogue to build trust across various stakeholders.
7. Mnangagwa has been refusing to have dialogue.
8. Wicknell gifts Scott a his Ghost and says he will not replace it.
9. Wicknell involved in money laundering.
10. The luxury car import by Wicknell was done on behalf of someone else.
11. Scott should account for the murder of Pastor Masaya in his constituency during the campaign.
12. MPs are extremely quiet in the face of the new currency developments.
13. Phileton Makena loses case in which he was fired for leaking the RBZ de-dollarisation roadmap. The RBZ won the appeal against the ruling of the labour court.
14. Daniel Molekele’s daughter celebrates her 18th birthday
15. Zuma requests for more statwe security after his convoy was rammed by a 51year old man.
16. Beauty Tembeni speaks after she was acquitted of abusing Lovelyn Zigora wife of Ronald
17. H-Metro refused to give Noma Nyathi a right to reply when she visited Herald Head Office.
18. Michael Nqabayezwe Ndebele defrauds millers in Bulawayo
19. ZCC owned Samuel Centenary academy football club visiting Belgium
20. PSL League Zimbabwe 02 April 2024