WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe Media looks at the recent firing of military commanders and generals in the Zimbabwe military as Mnangagwa appears to be going for a third term. The third term bid by Mnangagwa will require a constitutional ammendment which Mnangagwa can easily achieve with the recently acquired majority in parliament by ZANU-PF:

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1. Court case in which Chamisa was linked to weapons in 2023 has been dropped.
2. Owen Mudha Ncube claimed Chamisa was importing the weapons under operations lighthouse.
3. Leonard Matambo acquitted for lack of evidence.
4. Zimbabwe NewsHawks said they have stopped covering the story due to their Editor Owen Gagare being put under surveillance.
5. Major changes taking place in the Zimbabwe military
6. Mnangagwa has fired three generals.
7. Changes are not all related.
8. Valerio Sibanda will playa key role in the military.
9. A third force will ultimately take over control in Zimbabwe.
10. The current situation is not sustainable.
11. SADC process is the best for everyone
12. SADC should not wait for violence to intervene.
13. Remains of 21 people have been found in Bulawayo’s killarney suburb at a construction site.