WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe speaks about Nelson Chamisa’s revelation that he has petitioned SADC and is awaiting a response regarding an election re-run in Zimbabwe.

Topics discussed in this video.

1. Chamisa hoping to get an answer from SADC for fresh elections.
2. SADC to respond after completing discussions.
3. Chamisa’s new movement to include ZANU-PF members
4. Job Sikhala is attempting to bring all the different factions together.
5. Sikhala did not meet the lawyers of Tshabangu, Lewis Uriri
6. Its possible that Sikhala will be brought into Parliament or senate to lead the house.
7. Why Mutsvangwa was fired revealed.
8. Mutsvangwa is very wealthy. Owns a massive hotel in Johannesburg and some big franchises.
9. Mutsvangwa fired over illegal Starlink kits and black market dealings
10. I met Neville Mutsvangwa in 2018 and he stood as an independent candidate in Borrowdale
11. Mutsvangwa very connected to the business projects currently underway in Zimbabwe like Manhizhe.
12. Mutsvangwa was attempting to replace Chiwenga as Vice President.
13. Saidi Sungula wins case against ZESA. To be compensated or re-instated.
14. Chiwenga takes charge of minerals prospecting committee

Please watch the video above this post for more details.