Bulawayo based musician Sandra Ndebele has received top range SUV Mercedes Benz valued qt USD $155 000 from Zanu PF Billionaire, Sir Wicknell Chivhayo.

Sandra becomes the first female musician to receive a car from Chivhayo.

Taking to social media, Chivhayo said:

HALLO FRIDAY…As committed on my birthday i said I would buy only three singers and one DJ of MY CHOICE cars, its sad and very unfortunate to say one of the singers fell and dropped last minute. A few weeks back he posted something saying its been 5 months after the elections and Zanu PF has delivered nothing to the electorate. I beg to differ because i see the hard work by the second Republic with massive billion dollar projects being either negotiated , commissioned , implemented or commenced .

The tone of his post offended me as it was based on ignorance and attention seeking hence i disqualified him considering the legal tender being used to purchase these vehicles is mine. I will not be intimidated by anyone for using my hard earned money the way i want saka Ukatuka kana kushora Zanu PF to me ndinorwadziwa kunge watuka MAI VANGU…Having said that , after this development for the sake of tribal and gender balance i say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you my sister SANDRA NDEBELE…Your contribution , commitment and support at ZANU PF rallies as well as your participation in the elections as a Councillor can not just be ignored…Please travel to Harare and find your way to EXQUISITE DEALERSHIP and see Victor. Your FULLY PAID , beautiful , magnificent and spectacular 2022 MERCEDES BENZ GLE400d is waiting for you to collect it and drive it home…Don’t forget to hoot loudly whenever you arrive for council meetings pane kamwe ka BATO kari disintegrated kandinoda kungo bhowa ccchete my sister 🤣🤣🤣…ZANU PF HUCHI…ZANU PF CHIORORO…JOIN THE WINNING TEAM…Edelivers🦁🦁🦁🐊🐊🐊✊️✊️✊️🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼