Popular award winning Zimbabwean music superstar, Winky D, Bigman, has received death threats from ZANU-PF leaders after he performed his latest song which they perceive as an attack on Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa.

The politically charged song has seen mutiple ZANU-PF leaders warning Winky D that he risks being harmed over his hard hitting lyrics, while others claimed that the musician is now a politician.

In the new song, Winky D said some Zimbabweans and believe Mnangagwa rigged the August 2023 elections. Bigman also bemoaned the harsh life Zimbabweans have to endure ion foreign countries while seeking greener pastures. Winky D’s lyrics often contain political commentary, touching on social problems including injustice, poverty, and corruption.

On 4 March 2023, Zimbabwe police stormed the stage during Winky D’s live performance and shut down equipment, resulting in the show being abandoned.