Sengezo Tshabangu spoke to Trevor Ncube about his life in politics and his role in the CCC.

Key points from the discussion:

  1. Tshabangu said he was appointed during the same process that elected Chamisa, the process of ambiguity.
  2. The CCC is an offshoot of the MDC Alliance.
  3. Tshabangu said he sat in the National Executive that decided to create the CCC. At the time, he said they were using the constitution of the MDC Alliance.
  4. Along the way, the strategy of ambiguity came in. The leaders who were in the original CCC lost their positions. The party became structureless.
  5. The CCC is not a new organisation. Its just a change of name and change of symbol.
  6. Tshabangu described how the CCC came from the MDC Alliance.
  7. The CCC can not succeed without collective decision making.
  8. Tshabangu says constructive criticism strengthens the organisation. Even in families, debate is useful.
  9. Tshabangu said he is raising the issues now because this urgent.
  10. CCC lost the elections because of the strategy of ambiguity. There was money for polling agents, but the criminals around Chamisa stole the money.
  11. Tshabangu said the amount of money that has been stolen can not be quantified.
  12. Chamisa is still my President, because we have came a long time.
  13. Chamisa was the cairperson for the youths, deputised by Tamsanqa Mahlangu. he replaced Learnmore Jongwe as the youth chairperson.
  14. I was Chamisa’s campaign manager when he wanted to be the National organisating secretary and he won.
  15. Chamisa changed the constitution of the MDC. We were reporting to the National Chairperson and he changed it so that they report to the national organising secretary.
  16. Day to day I was reporting to Chamisa.
  17. Chamisa can not say he does not know Tshabangu and he is even refusing to pronounce my name properly, he is calling me Chabangu.
  18. The reason why Chamisa does not put an affidavit is because we communicate.
  19. Tshabangu said he was not part of the strategic ambiguity.
  20. Tshabangu said he signed for double candidates.
  21. David Coltart lost the primary election, but he is the mayor.
  22. We did not recall Coltart because the people of Bulawayo have faith in him.
  23. Tshabangu said he is sending a message to the communities that there is no one who is bigger than Zimbabwe.
  24. ZANU-PF has had a two thirds majority before. Stopping ZANU-PF from attaining two thirds majority is not  an achievement.
  25. ZANU-PF will not win the constituencies that are CCC strongholds.
  26. Tshabangu said he is not working with ZANU-PF and my family has never worked for ZANU-PF. The people who are accusing me of being ZANU-PF are the same people who worked with ZANU-PF before.
  27. Albert Mhlanga is not my deputy.
  28. Everyone wants to associate himself with something that is moving.
  29. I met the parliamentary caucus in Bulawayo and we have an agreement.
  30. Tshabangu said he is working with the party and consulting the organs of the party.
  31. An individual does not represent the sentiments of the organisation.
  32. The meeting that I was elected was chaired by Job Sikhala.
  33. Chamisa is captured by these criminals, he is not on his own. He is being used.
  34. David Coltart travelled to Harare to open the CCC bank account and was told that the bank account had already been opened under the Chief of Staff.
  35. Chamisa is responding on our script.
  36. There are multiple bank accounts that have been opened under CCC.
  37. The people who were recalled deviated from the positions of the party.
  38. The threats that are coming against me are tribal. he said he never experienced this under Morgan Tsvangirai.
  39. CCC does not respect the people of Matabeleland. ZABU-PF with all its ills still respect the ills of Matabeleland.
  40. Chamisa is using Matabeleland protest vote.
  41. Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti have international clout, but the same people are being being sidelined by Chamisa.
  42. Chamisa is the vehicle, he needs to hear us. I represent the heroes that have walked through this journey. This time we are not going to walk out.
  43. If Chamisa decides to walk out, we will  remain with the organisation.
  44. Tshabangu said he is the one who came up with the MDC-T symbol.
  45. He said he brought Tsvangirai and Ncube in 2013 at the Holiday Inn. T said chaired the meeting which was later taken up by Brian Raftopolous.
  46. Tshabangu said he is the one who brought together Tshabangu, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube.
  47. After Thabo Mbeki dialogue failed, Tshabangu said he brought ZANU-PF and MDC into a dialogue chaired by Gorden Moyo.
  48. This resulted in a pre-election pact.
  49. The dialogue was killed because Ncube who was chairing the meeting was from Bulawayo.
  50. Ncube was not happy with this and the initiative died.
  51. The elections are beyond us. People must move on and there must be a National Dialogue.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.