Socialite and comedian Madam Boss’s husband Ngoni Munetsiwa has taken to social media to diss pork eaters.

Posting on Facebook, Ngoni said he doesnt eat pork because naturally pigs are dirty and stay in dirty places.

Quoting bible scriptures, Munetsiwa said: “Hanzi dzadiiko nguruvešŸ¤”šŸ˜ā€¦. Isusu hedu nguruve hatidye takarambidzwa nekuti Ine mahwanda akaparadzana uye haidzeyiā€¦plus ini ndosema hangu inogara Musvina iyi. Hatisi kurwa vanodya idyai. Shabbat Shalom #MhofuIsPeacefullyViolent”

Ngoni who is a Seventh Day Adventist member said eating pigs which are cursed in the bible does not allign with his values.