Namibian politician Bernadus Swartbooi slams President Mnangagwa

Namibian Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi has slammed President Emmerson Mnangagwa describing him as a millitary puppet.

Addressing a media conference in Namibia, Bernadus said Mnangagwa was re-elected into office because of the support he got from the millitary

He also said SADC failed Zimbabweans by siding with Mnangagwa while elections were not free and fair.

“SADC now literally goes into self-masturbation; how do you send your own trusted institution and this time you discredit yourselves, you mutilate yourselves for the sake of Zanu PF.

“What do we as SADC owe Zanu PF … what have they done uniquely for South Africa, for Mozambique, for Namibia, for Angola, for Botswana, for Zambia, for Tanzania, to deserve this type of utmost loyalty even at our own expense; where we now go and we mutilate SADC’s mission,” he said.