Mai TT  Confess About  Fake Life That Plunged Her Into Crime.

Popular comedienne and musician, Mai TT, real name Fellistas Murata, opened up about the challenging circumstances that pushed her into a life of crime and fraudulent marriages.

Speaking to a captive audience of 230 inmates, prison officials, and a group of women from the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Mai TT shared her experiences of maintaining a celebrity lifestyle through criminal activities.

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She expressed her gratitude for the counseling sessions she received while in prison, emphasizing how they played a crucial role in her healing process.

Murata acknowledged her mistakes and emphasized her commitment to abandon her previous fake lifestyle.

“Those counselling sessions healed me and I have gained strength.
“I have learnt from my mistakes and will not continue with the fake life I used to live.”

Despite putting on a brave face, she confessed that she suffered internally, never imagining that she would one day be counted among prisoners.

Mai TT’s Fake Persona That Drove Her into a Web of Crime and the Cold Walls of Prison
During her emotional address, Mai TT detailed her ill-fated marriage to Tinashe Maphosa, whom she described as a criminal who deceived her and left her drowning in debt.

Mai TT’s Confession Of A Fake Life That Plunged Her Into The Dark Depths Of Crime And Incarceration
Mai TT’s Confession Of A Fake Life That Plunged Her Into The Dark Depths Of Crime And Incarceration. Image Credit: Facebook
She regretfully shared how she once boasted about her success, unaware of the impending sour ending.

“When I got married to Tinashe, I bragged that I had found mbinga yangu. I was quick to go on live videos posting every detail of my success unaware that the end was going to be as sour as this.
“Tinashe paid lobola, borrowed money for a historic wedding where I arrived at the venue in a helicopter.”

Tinashe’s promises of a luxurious life and financial security turned out to be empty, as he allegedly stole her money and disappeared to America without her knowledge.

“Since people used to know me as someone living a good life, I suffered inside trying to maintain my fake life yet I was in a big trouble.

“Tinashe promised to repay my money saying he was expecting US$400 000 and that was that, until my friends haunted me for their money leaving them without an option, but to seek justice in the courts of law.
“Another friend lodged a complaint against me while I was already serving my sentence.”

Seeking Redemption and Starting Anew
Despite the hardships she faced, Mai TT expressed her determination to learn from her mistakes and rebuild her life.