Flamboyant Gokwe-Nembudziya MP, Mayor Justice Wadyajena has revealed that Freeman Chari’s wife was his side chick before she got married.

The two activists have been embroiled in a Twitter war following Wadyajena’s statement on punishing members of Team Pachedu mobilising Shutdown Zimbabwe.

Wadyajena said the known faces of Team Pachedu must be hunted down and disciplined, thoroughly, while every effort must be made expose the ones hiding behind masks.

Responding to Justice, Chari said “please be very very careful because your small house could be a member of Pachedu”.

Wadyajena revealed that Chari has personal vendetta against him because his wife used to be a small house.

“You and I know your main house was my small house but this is the wrong platform for score settling. You AND her are free to join Pachedu together. Pass my regards and keep that sweet lady safe in the States!”

Wadyajena is married to Rebbeca and together they have four children however he is known for going out with a number of women.